Month: January 2017

  • January
    31 2017

    Why Most Bad Faith Hail Cases Never Go to Trial

    Bad faith is an intentional dishonest act aimed at deceiving others.  In the insurance context, the meaning is much broader and technical:  Bad faith is when the insurance company fails to attempt in good faith to make a prompt, fair, and equitable settlement of a claim of its insureds (e.g. property owners), even when the […]

  • January
    24 2017

    Suing an Insurance Company for Bad Faith Claim Practices. How it Works?

    Bad faith can occur when an insurance company manufactures reasons not to pay a claim, unreasonably delays the claim process, denies a valid claim for an invalid reason, or underpays a valid claim without reason.  As a profit-driven industry, insurance companies have a strong desire to continually increase profit margins.  This motivation can encourage companies […]

  • January
    17 2017

    How Insurance Companies Are Boosting Profits with New Hail Settlement Practices

    Insurance companies like all commercial entities are in the business of making a profit.  This comes down to increasing revenue while decreasing expenses.  Some insurance companies will resort to any means necessary to reach profit goals.  The insurance industry works by selling a contract to cover specified risks to clients in exchange for periodic payments […]

  • January
    11 2017

    Are Your Customers Scared of Suing Their Insurance Company? Why They Should be Fearless

    Insurance companies are generally viewed as big, powerful, and wealthy entities.  That is not an unreasonable perception.  Insurance companies receive premiums from thousands of people and pay millions of dollars in claims every day.  Some of these companies are even listed in both U.S. and European stock markets.  As you can imagine, they have armies […]