Month: July 2016

  • July
    28 2016


    Texas law imposes on insurance companies very strict deadlines in which they must acknowledge receipt of your claim, initiate the investigation of your claim, and notify you in a timely manner of the decision of your claim (i.e. acceptance or rejection).  Despite the fact that Texas law is very clear in this regard, some insurance […]

  • July
    25 2016

    Legal Allies Help Contractors Overturn Denied and Underpaid Claims

    Assume that a homeowner just insured his new home when a hailstorm strikes his area and causes severe damage to his home.  The homeowner then initiates the claims process and hires a contractor to assess their damages.  While the claim is still pending with the insurance company, the home needs the roof repaired to prevent […]

  • July
    19 2016

    The Economics of Denials and Underpayments in the Insurance Business

    Have you experienced a denial or underpayment by your insurance company as a result of an insurance claim?  Or, alternatively, have you have heard from a friend or neighbor who had their valid claim denied for no good reason or perhaps you even heard it on the news?  There is an economic explanation for this: […]

  • July
    12 2016

    Insurance Adjuster Caught Wrongfully Denying Claims

    Insurance companies are for-profit businesses and they are constantly under pressure to increase revenue, decrease expenses, and maximize profits for the benefit of shareholders.  To reach that objective, they employ several tactics and tools such as having insurance adjusters serve as the eyes and ears of the company.  Unfortunately, adjusters face the pressure to limit […]

  • July
    06 2016

    Top 10 States Where Hail Caused the Most Damage

    Recently, a major insurance company published its top ten list of the states with the most damage caused by hail. Texas was at the top of the list with almost 52,000 claims. Illinois is second on the list with 43,821 damage claims, followed by Colorado in third place with approximately 42,365, then by Missouri with […]